Cured-in-Place-Pipe ("CIPP") Technology

CIPP restoration is a non-invasive procedure that uses a seamless and jointless epoxy impregnated liner to create a pipe-within-a-pipe. This system prevents infiltration and exfiltration as well as restoring structural integrity and is a long-term solution to pipe degradation. As the system does not contain joints it is effective in preventing root intrusion and the smooth surface of the liner prohibits the build up of calcium and mould. The CIPP system significantly increases flow capacity as the rehabilitated pipe has lower frictional loss, due to the smoother surface, than the host pipe. In addition, use of the CIPP system avoids the need for excavation and the associated disturbance to traffic/pedestrian flow and access and surface finishes/landscaping.

Nu Flow has been inventing, perfecting, installing and manufacturing CIPP lining technologies since the late 1990's. Nu Flow's technology handles corrosive environments, repairs around 90° bends and spans missing pipe sections without creeping or shrinking. This technology can be used in transitions in pipe diameter between 75 to 100mm and 100 to 150mm in one application.

How it works

Structural Lining
Sewer lines deteriorate due to age resulting in calcium build-up and root intrusion and ultimately a failing sewer system.
Lines are cleaned, removing roots, debris and calcium.
An epoxy impregnated liner is pulled into place, inflated via an air bladder and left to cure. When the liner has cured the bladder is removed.
Once completed, the pipe contains a structural liner that stops root infiltration and spans areas of missing pipe. Liners can be installed without costly digging and surface remediation.


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