Epoxy Coating

Nu Flow offers epoxy coating technology for potable water systems for any commercial or residential application. Nu Flow is the technology leader in applying epoxy coatings to potable water pipes throughout an entire building. The Nu Flow epoxy lining solution allows in-pipe corrosion to be removed and an epoxy coating to be applied without the need to excavate or cut access points to expose underground, under-foundation or in-wall pipes. The Nu-Flow epoxy coating method is intended for the restoration of potable water pipes to an "as-new" condition . The epoxy material used for this type o restoration is Nu Flow 7000, a non-toxic two- component UL certified (to NSF-61 standards) epoxy.

Unlike alternative epoxy barrier solutions, Nu Flow's epoxy and application process is effective in pipes from 12.5mm up to 300mm in diameter. The unique characteristics of the Nu Flow epoxy make it feasible to line longer lengths of pipe through elbows, tees and unusual system configurations. The epoxy coating process restores water flow and prevents corrosion which would otherwise lead to pinhole leaks. The barrier coating also prevents harmful materials such as lead from leaching into potable water.

How it works

Epoxy Coating
Pipes erode over time, causing leaks, reduced flow, and even health hazards. Metal pipes leach heavy metals and lead into drinking water.
Using existing access points within the water distribution system, abrading agent scour the inner wall of the pipe at high velocity and dislodge scale and corrosion , leaving a clean metal surface suitable for epoxy lining. After all the scoured materials have been purged from the system, pressurised air is used to test the integrity of pipelines and identify any leaks in the system.
To line the pipe, a controlled air flow is used to evenly distribute the environmentally safe epoxy throughout the length of the pipe. The epoxy cures in 24 hours and then a final pressure test is conducted to verify that the system is fully sealed. Following successful completion of the test the system can be returned to service.
The protective epoxy coating is both smooth and durable and has a finish resistant to mineral deposits and the corrosive effects of acids, alkalis and petroleum products.


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