About Nu Flow Middle East

Nu Flow Middle East is a Canadian-based company, which was established to promote and expand the application of Nu Flow technologies and products in the Middle East.

Nu Flow Middle East provides world leading technologies for the repair of pipe networks throughout the region. Our revolutionary, patented technologies can be used in a diverse range of applications including buried utility services, building services (including heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems), fire suppression systems, industrial pipework and sea going vessel pipe systems.

About Nu Flow Technologies

Nu Flow was established in Canada in 1998 and provided manufacture and installation of patented and proprietary trenchless drain and sewer lining solutions. In 2005 Nu Flow added epoxy coating technology for restoration of potable pipes and mechanical systems. Nu Flow acquired several industry partners in 2007 and this allowed it to add whole structure bio water filtration solutions. Throughout 2008, Nu Flow continued acquiring industry partners and expanded its domestic and overseas presence. During 2009, product and service lines were again expanded to include additional structural and other specialty lining solutions.

Epoxy pipe lining emerged in North America in the 1980's. The system was pioneered by American Pipe Lining (APL) who had commissions with the United States. Navy to develop and later patent epoxy lining technology to protect aircraft carriers, other sea-going vessels and pipe networks in government facilities. APL's lining solutions ultimately expanded to include applications for the private, domestic pipework market. APL's talented experts and staff joined the Nu Flow team as part of the acquisition of of the APL business by Nu Flow in 2007.

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